We are excited to be opening the semester with an exhibition by New York based artist, Thomas Pickarski. Please come visit the gallery during our newly extended hours and join us at the reception on September 12 from 4-6pm.

Thomas Pickarski
Floating Blue
September 2 - September 13
Reception: September 12 @ 4-6pm

Artist Bio
Thomas Pickarski is a multi-media visual and performance artist. The themes he works with include minor obsessions, the bizarre landscape, self realization, and social justice. He holds a BFA in Painting and an MFA in Performance Art (Intermedia), both from Arizona State University. 

Thomas has always been obsessed with the inner journey beyond form. Several years ago he chose the concept “The Middle Of Nowhere,” as the literal setting for traveling the world. Several times a year he ventures off alone for month long journeys through places like Iceland, Greenland, New Zealand, Patagonia, Norway, Faroe Islands and India. He states he: “goes way out there, often on gravel roads that lead me days away from anyone”. Through this he has discovered that being out of his element, is his element. He is especially awestruck by the unusual shapes, as well as the desolate nature of arctic deserts.  

Currently, Thomas is promoting his new photographic exhibition titled, Snow, Sand, Ice, as well as creating a series of Iceberg paintings.