Our Mission

The Kansas Union Gallery, housed in the Kansas Memorial Union at the University of Kansas, showcases the artwork of established and student artists alike. The gallery is supported and organized by Student Union Activities and curated by the Fine Arts Committee.

One special result of the 1971 remodeling of the Kansas Union was the creation of an Exhibit Gallery. This gallery, under the direction of Student Union Activities, is intended to provide a multi-faceted showcase for exhibits of an artistic nature which are of interest to the University community at large. Being highly visible and accessible to large segments of the student population, the outreach potential of this gallery is significant. By displaying artwork produced on campus, in the community, state and region, the gallery serves to familiarize the KU student with the creative activities of fellow students and area artists. Likewise, topical and special-interest shows are included to increase awareness and understanding of the characteristics of a particular group, style, or individual. It is hoped that exposing students to a wide range of expressive media, tastes, and perspectives will help to stimulate an appreciation for the visual arts and promote an atmosphere in which their production is encouraged. 

Today, we strongly adhere to this mission but have expanded its intent to highlight the interdisciplinary nature of KU and include the number of ways individuals express themselves creatively.