Past Artists

Spring 2019
+ Kelsey Willits,
Liminal Spaces
+ Eva Philpot, Skin and Fabric + The History of Black Writing, Researching While Black + Jayhawk Evolution + Stacey Swearingen White, Looking at Food (Insecurity) + Sexual Assault Prevention and Education Center, “What Were You Wearing?”

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Fall 2017
+ KU Sexual Assault Prevention and Education Center, What Were You Wearing?
+ Luckier Cloud
          Group Exhibition Featuring:
              Juan Jose Costano-Marquez
              Zachary Grant
              Fuko Ito
              Leigh Kaulbach
              Andy Kelleher Stuhl
              Kadie Nugent
              Eugene Sarmiento
              Allison Sheldon
+ Chris Ortiz, Living With Sam
+ History of Black Writing, Reclaiming the Body

Spring 2017
+ ONOH, How to Feed a Two-Headed Snake
+ Hannah Sroor, Gathering
+ Stephanie Maximovich, Marks in Observation
+ Weigang Gong, MFA Thesis Exhibition
+ Megan Murphy, Suppressions
+ Rachel Sandle, Intrusions
+ Emily McGowan, Home

Fall 2016
+ Cameron DuPratte
+ Taylor Yocom, Guarded
Jen. P Harris, Ghost Prairie
SUA Communications Exhibition
+ Portraits of Latinx Identity
+ Brandon Keenan, Let the Trees Speak

Spring 2016
+ John C. Tibbots
+ Caroline S. Chaboo
+ Jake Kaufmann
Alexander Thierry
Patrick Blanchard & Triana Thompson
Sara Kovacic
+ John Dillingham
The Spencer Museum of Art Student Advisory Board