The gallery is currently closed to accomodate office renovations. Please check out our call to artists below for the spring semester. Any senior at the University of Kansas is welcome to apply! Reach out to for more information.



Past Artists

Fall 2017
+ KU Sexual Assault Prevention and Education Center, What Were You Wearing?
+ Luckier Cloud
          Group Exhibition Featuring:
              Juan Jose Costano-Marquez
              Zachary Grant
              Fuko Ito
              Leigh Kaulbach
              Andy Kelleher Stuhl
              Kadie Nugent
              Eugene Sarmiento
              Allison Sheldon
+ Chris Ortiz, Living With Sam
+ History of Black Writing, Reclaiming the Body

Spring 2017
+ ONOH, How to Feed a Two-Headed Snake
+ Hannah Sroor, Gathering
+ Stephanie Maximovich, Marks in Observation
+ Weigang Gong, MFA Thesis Exhibition
+ Megan Murphy, Suppressions
+ Rachel Sandle, Intrusions
+ Emily McGowan, Home

Fall 2016
+ Cameron DuPratte
+ Taylor Yocom, Guarded
Jen. P Harris, Ghost Prairie
SUA Communications Exhibition
+ Portraits of Latinx Identity
+ Brandon Keenan, Let the Trees Speak

Spring 2016
+ John C. Tibbots
+ Caroline S. Chaboo
+ Jake Kaufmann
Alexander Thierry
Patrick Blanchard & Triana Thompson
Sara Kovacic
+ John Dillingham
The Spencer Museum of Art Student Advisory Board