Julie Hansen
11.15.2014 - 11.14.2015

Artist Statement

“Interesting is when an artist can paint a pretty picture, but one with undercurrents.”  Jamie Wyeth

I have fallen in love with making marks on paper or canvas. These marks are woven by hand, like threads through a tapestry. A blank canvas becomes transformed into something more, something living. This living work, that is the result of the hand of the artist, can be felt with one’s senses.

I find inspiration from many beautiful places, but mostly from our rich grasslands of the Midwest. The vast prairies, tall grass, flint hills, sunsets, sunrises, wildflowers, and ever changing seasons give great visual delight. They all have a limitless, poetic vocabulary that I enjoy painting.

Painting from a place of expressive freedom and energy, I aim to capture the essence of the landscape. I choose not to include extraneous details. I work instead to convey the inherent, emotive quality. These intangibles or “undercurrents” are what keep me keenly interested and motivated to create more. In the end, when all the pieces come together, a gift is created. It is one that honors the spirit and sanctity of nature.

Julie Hoban Hansen is a professional fine artist living in Kansas City, Missouri.

She has work in many private and corporate collections. She holds a Bachelor of Fine Art from the University of Missouri, Columbia. She is also a juried member of the Pastel Society of America and the Kansas City Artist’s Coalition.